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Born and raised in the Sunshine State, I graduated with a BFA in Photography from University of Florida in 1999. Though photo was my major I must admit that I really felt most alive when I painted. I certainly enjoy photographs on the walls of galleries but my preferred way of interacting with them is a bit more casual - in my hand onscreen (bless instagram; the best app forevermore) and in my hand in a book. Oh how I adore collecting art books. The best. 

After school I moved to London for a spell working in a photo lab and dancing roughly three nights a week and it was there my first real love of walking began. Picture a modern day city version of Lizzie Bennet and you have a good sense of me. I love the simplicity and freedom to be found when walking hours in a city; the outward visual roaming and inward cinematic knowing. Ideas flow with abandon.

It was only natural then to move to New York. My mother immigrated to Queens from Italy and my father was a Bronx-born Irishman so I always knew it was in my future. I sort of stumbled into a fashion career that for a while really soared with runway shows, international sales, and hilarious tv spots, all from a 220 square foot boutique in the East Village half a block down from Tompkins Square Park. 

The problematic nature of skyrocketing rents aside, I have to say there is no better city. Shared moments with strangers resonate with me near equal to "actual" relationships and always lift my spirit by way of their beauty, surprise, even sadness. Weaving amongst humanity each day is a gift. Each pair of my boots well worn after nine years spent there.

Shortly after our brand folded in 2010, I headed  back down south to Florida to rebuild in a big house that cost less monthly than my Brooklyn apartment and recommitted myself to art making. The benefits of a small town are vast I found - particularly in the heart department. I made friends in Gainesville I call family. And though not as great for walking, the biking is divine. Late night under mossy trees no hands and soaring!

With lots of little stints here and there 2017 has found me calling the North home again. Hello Baltimore. You're just a little bit away from my mom and sister etc...and an actual autumn is afoot. Two months in and I'm glad to meet you. You feel like a very important city to know and I find my mind and heart bursting - paintbrush can't keep up with brain right now and it feels terrific.


Welcome to my world of ghosts and witches and  flowers and golden creatures. Thanks for coming. Don't be a stranger.


All the best,